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Hey, I'm Emily. I'm 19 years old, and I'm an Art & Design student at the University of Michigan, also studying Creative Writing.

Let's just say - poetry is my muse.

"Lack of expression, another form of depression."

Karma is everything.

Follow my artist blog. All of which is original work. http://emharju.tumblr.com/

Another collage. Making a large scale painting off this one. #art
Recent collage #art


Speaking wisdom

as only time can tell

A story of its own

that words can spell

I sit here and wait

for my experiences

to take action

becoming their own abstraction

evolving into dreams and hopes

the only way

I can sometimes cope.


"Mono Lake" (2012)


"Mono Lake" (2012)


Let’s Be Friends

An Attempt At The Beginnings of Short Stories

You talk to him
He responds gently
Almost with a sort of self assured smirk
You smile back
To challenge his own comeback
Not out of arrogance
But out of interest


Her sarcasm ceased 

to be the single thing

that she could keep

for herself, and only herself.

Her wit diminished. 


Sometimes all we become is


broken to a point without repair

just short of a point of despair

right before we can distinguish

our very selves

our very morals

yet it is in our darkest moments

the spectrums that define

us the very most

for, without growth

we become, in disrepair…

mirror image

a mere facade

of something so flawed

yet I still state

as if to bare

with who I am

and who I was

a few seconds in, I pause

and gaze at my present self

my very self



I like my artsy with a little bit of fartsy


William Kentridge, Undo, Unsay, Unremember, Unhappen

(via creativeleap)